Other Services

Green Country Aircraft provides engineering services through assembly ranging from benchtop installation of nut plates, bushings, riveting and adhesive bonding. We also assemble and test portable GSE equipment for commercial jet engine cleaning. Green Country Aircraft successfully executes fabrication, assembly, testing, and project management of ground support components.Other Services 1

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Manufacturing / Producibility Assessments
  • Welding AWS D17.1 & D17.2 All Classes
    • Aluminum, Stainless Steel & lnconel
  • Heat Treatment AMS2770 / AMS2658
  • Finishing, Sand / Bead Blast, Blend & Deburr
  • Part marking
  • Benchtop Assembly
    • Nut Plates, Bearings, HI-LOK, Grounding Studs, Bonding, Bushings, and Fillet/Fay Sealing


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