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GCA’s account services team manages each customer’s entire program from start to finish, providing status updates regularly via the customer-formatted report and our newest Jobboss automated report. This report can be generated at any time to give real-time accurate status for each individual part. Our account services team is readily available for phone calls or status updates with the customer regarding each specific program.

When a purchase order is placed, all parts go through a quick-turn, comprehensive contract-review process that is evaluated by every department at Green Country Aircraft before the job is released to the shop floor. We collectively assess required testing and possible risks that may be involved with the job and subsequently lay out a plan for choosing sub-tier suppliers and meeting the program schedule. We have CNC programmers and software for all equipment in-house, allowing resource availability to start programming parts immediately. We also utilize 2D programmers that can work on any sheet metal parts. We are able to run machined parts on full 5-axis or 3-axis machines. Sheet metal blanks can be run on our waterjet, router, or laser prior to going to the brake or hydroforming. Green Country Aircraft is also fully approved and prepared for any welding or assembly that may be required on new parts.

Daily meetings among our program, production, purchasing, and shipping managers keep everyone in the loop on the status of programs and ensure that all requirements are met in a timely and efficient manner. Our purchasing team manages all sub-tier suppliers and provides daily updates on the status of parts and their due dates throughout the process.